The HR—Business Leader relationship is SO important. Here’s why…

by | Nov 10, 2022

The HR—Business Leader relationship is SO important. Here’s why…

HR professionals are skilled and often very passionate about helping leaders with their management and people-related struggles.

Yet many leaders feel like they have to figure out the solutions on their own. Sometimes, they assume HR is just there to be the ‘corporate police’ and keep them legally compliant.

But the truth is, HR professionals choose their line of work most often (from my experience as an HR director for years) because they care about people, and they want to make a difference.

Often, this relationship between HR and business leaders is not as strong as it could be, and therefore, opportunity is wasted!

Here are a few ideas to consider to strengthen the relationship…


For years, a lot of business leaders have believed that HR is the one that SHOULD be dealing with (or fixing) all of the PEOPLE PROBLEMS in the business.

The problem with this thinking is that HR isn’t WITH the people all the time. HR is the partner who can support and equip the LEADERS to coach their OWN people more effectively. It’s the frontline, middle, and senior leaders that are with their people more than HR is.

It’s helpful when leaders don’t expect HR to solve all of the people problems, but see them rather as a partner to collaborate on strategies and solutions.

Be open to asking for help from HR when struggling with people issues, but stay focused on being the coach of your own team.


As a former HR professional myself, I know it can be difficult at times to make your voice heard in an organization where you may not fully understand everything about the product and processes or when you feel leaders aren’t open and do not listen.

But my advice to HR professionals is to focus less on having your voice heard and, instead, being curious and asking outcome focused questions to align the support you’re providing to the needs of the leaders within each business unit.

People will listen when they see how what you’re offering / suggesting will help them achieve their goals in some way.

Develop strong relationships and build trust by listening to and learning the true needs of the business. Be open to serving as a coach to the leaders within your organization.

HR and business leaders have a great opportunity to get better results together. This is one of the outcomes I’ve seen as a result of the Coach Approach to Leadership program.

A leadership culture of coaching serves not only the mid and low-level leaders, but also the senior leaders as well. And HR can multiply their ability to make an profound impact in the lives and work of the leaders and their teams.

If you’re interested in seeing how your HR and business leaders can collaborate more effectively, Contact me!


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