How to help your team deal with change…

by | Sep 29, 2022

If your employees are resisting change, as a leader you need to ask yourself:

-> Do they feel change is happening TO them or that change is happening WITH them?

Recently, I was leading a session with HR leaders who were very concerned about their company’s culture.

They expressed that there has been a LOT of changes in their organization. When I asked them the question I mentioned above (do they feel change is happening TO them or WITH them), they both paused and became SILENT for a few moments.

While it’s true that most people don’t like change in general, what they don’t like more is FEELING OUT OF CONTROL, out of the loop, or WITHOUT ANY SAY in the matter.

And haven’t we all felt this way over the last two years?

As a leader, here are some questions you can ask yourself to identify how to better support your team through change:

–       Are there times when employees don’t or shouldn’t have a say in change?

–       If so, how often and in what context?

–       If there are certain things employees can’t have a say in, how can you give them a channel for expressing what they think and feel ain a healthy way?

–       In all other cases, what does involving employees in change initiatives and decision-making usually look like? What SHOULD it look like?

–       Where can you give employees a greater level of involvement in change and decision-making?

Change is often not easy.

It’s especially not easy as a leader to navigate change yourself while at the same time equipping your team to navigate it too.

These questions can get you started on a path that will help you and your team become more open, involved and take steps to make the best of change.