Can people really change?

by | May 5, 2022

Can people REALLY change???

Short answer—YES, 100%, absolutely, without a doubt.

You may wonder why I’m so convinced…

It’s because I’ve WITNESSED it over and over again.

The truth is, change is hard.

When we think about the way we’ve always done things, habits we’ve formed, ways we’ve been raised, beliefs and behaviors that are deeply ingrained, the idea of making a real and permanent change can feel discouraging and a bit overwhelming…especially when it comes to personal or professional growth and development.

But here’s the good news…

I’ve watched leaders literally do a 180 turnaround in their behaviors.

I’ve seen profound transformations that caused them to go from leaders who break relationships and whose employees have ZERO TRUST in them to leaders who lead the most ENGAGED teams in their organization.

It is clear evidence to me that change CAN happen, and change can be PERMANENT.

But, we have to make sure it’s the RIGHT change, and that we approach it the right WAY.

First, let’s talk about what CHANGE means in a person’s life. If someone wants to change, here are the questions to start with:

-What does change mean to me?

-What will this change look like?

-What’s the reason for / desire to change?

-Has someone else told me I need to change, or do I think I need to change?

-Do I feel obligated in some other way, or do I actually want to change?

Here’s how we can approach change and personal development effectively…

1. Be aware of the impact the change will bring to your life and the people in your life. (Will it fix something broken? Will it allow you to bring new possibilities or potential to life?)

2. Get vulnerable enough to ask for help. (Change often requires partnership.)

3. Be willing to commit to growing. (It will require time, effort, and resources. Be honest about what the change will require of you.)

4. Learn how to grow, adapt, adjust beyond your familiar zone. (Change is uncomfortable. It’s best to be prepared for the discomfort and have a plan for addressing it.)

5. Expect to make mistakes and to ask for forgiveness along the way. (Change means new, unpracticed and imperfect. It’s not going to always go the way you want it to. Surround yourself with people who will show you grace.)

6. Learn how to ask for and receive feedback. (Coming back to partnership: the people in your life will help keep you accountable and help you make sure the change sticks over time. Be willing to receive their help.)

YES, change IS possible.

We can grow. We can transform. We are capable of far more than we realize, and I’ve witnessed a great capacity in human beings for positive change – both personally or professionally.

What is a change you’d like to see in your life or in your leadership?