How to advance your career as a leader, the right way…

by | Aug 23, 2022

Is it selfish as a leader to want to build and advance your own career? Some leaders have wondered how they can advance as a professional without feeling like they are taking advantage of the people they lead…

The truth is, most of us want to advance, grow, and move up toward better things. That desire is completely natural and actually commendable.

You may think, wait a minute. Commendable?!

The truth is, it isn’t selfish at all for leaders to want to grow and advance their careers. If anything, it may in some cases be selfish NOT TO want that.

As John Maxwell so aptly teaches, leaders are the LID on their team. For their team. If the leader isn’t looking to grow, then that doesn’t make space for others on the team to grow – which ultimately limits the growth in the entire organization.

Great leaders are willing to WORK THEMSELVES OUT OF A JOB.

When a leader is focused on serving the organization by achieving its goals and developing the people they’re responsible for, building their bench for future succession – the end result is that they will grow and advance their career.

And rather than TAKING ADVANTAGE of their people, they will actually be ELEVATING their people through new opportunities to grow and achieve more for themselves.

If you grow your career the right way—if your career growth is a result of your EXPANDED CAPACITY to OFFER VALUE and therefore results in your receiving value in return—then it will always be a benefit for all concerned…not to mention you’ll be leading by example to do this as well.

And if that’s not enough to prove the desire to advance your career as a leader is a good thing, then think of it this way…

There is a strong desire in the marketplace for leaders with high emotional intelligence and people skills, combined with the ability to get results. This kind of leader is a RARE BREED.

In today’s marketplace, the best way to advance in your career is through advancing others.

So with that, I encourage you, keep reaching higher! Go for that promotion, find ways to build yourself and achieve more. Your team will benefit – and will thank you for it.