As a leader, you CAN have both—healthy relationships AND outstanding results

by | Jan 13, 2022

As a leader, you CAN have both—healthy relationships AND outstanding results…

Most leaders either gravitate toward focusing on EITHER ‘people’ OR ‘results.’ But, BOTH are important to being an effective leader.

Being too far on either end of the spectrum, however, can create issues…

→ Leaders who focus more on ‘PEOPLE’ often overwork themselves, because they try to take up the slack for their team in an effort to be of service. They may AVOID dealing with CONFLICT or holding their employees accountable.

→ Leaders who focus more on ‘RESULTS’ have a relentless drive toward outcomes yet experience high levels of frustration when others aren’t keeping up. Their tendency to push harder often EXHAUSTS their people and can DERAIL relationships.

people vs results why in Phase 02 of the Coach Approach to Leadership, we help leaders BALANCE these two extremes – to hold themselves and others accountable WHILE also building higher levels of trust and effectively influencing others.

In Phase 02, leaders:

● Learn to balance the ‘people’ and ‘task’ sides of leadership

● Master the keys to elevating individual and team accountability

● Experience playing the ‘blame game’ the RIGHT way (and yes, there is a RIGHT way!)

● Discover and manage the behaviors that build and break trust

● Increase your capability to inspire & motivate others and achieve higher levels of ownership

● Improve overall communication with your team

This same training / coaching program revolutionized the business results for one of our clients…

They enrolled their top 39 leaders in a year-long leadership development journey. Each group of leaders participated in monthly, interactive group sessions and practiced what they had learned on-the-job, followed by one-on-one meetings with their leadership coach.

By the end of that year, they hit their BEST SAFETY RECORD IN 25 YEARS (!!!) while also increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality metrics.

Leaders and employees reported a HUGE improvement in communication and trust, and employee engagement increased 16% in just one year!

If you want to develop yourself or your team to become COACH LEADERS so you can reach your goals faster and with less stress, consider enrolling in our 2022 Leadership Bootcamp!

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