Why moving FASTER as a leader isn’t always BETTER…

by | Jan 31, 2023

“If you think people are going too slow, maybe you should slow down.”

I was coaching a leader with several personality traits that were a rare level of intensity. Not a bad thing. Just some very prominent, strong traits.

His intense traits were these:

●      High level of energy—He had a tendency toward being really driven, restless, and impatient.

●      Extremely decisive—His speed and willingness to accept the risk of decision-making was very high.

Before he learned this about himself, he said that an area of frustration as a leader was that he felt like everyone around him MOVED AT A SNAIL’S PACE.

And technically, he was correct! 97.5% of the working population DOES show up less intense in these areas that he does!

What good does it do if you’re a leader and you move so fast that others can’t even keep up?

If you’re a leader that tends to move faster than everyone around you—similar to my client—it can be a challenge.

Here’s a helpful analogy.

It can be like a pilot in a plane, if the pilot in the plane is that fast-paced leader. The pilot may decide to take off as quickly as possible, while in the air make abrupt and shape turns to the left and right, and then land as quickly as possible–all the while thinking she’ll get everyone to their destination even faster!

Won’t that be better?

Probably not.

Especially if you’re one of the passengers FREAKING OUT in the cabin because it feels like you’re on a roller coaster and you think the plane is going to crash.

Those passengers probably WON’T thank the pilot for getting them to their destination faster once they land.

TO BOSSES WHO MOVE FAST: recognize that the strength of your wiring is an asset and catalyst for change and growth. But if the people you’re leading can’t keep up, you’re sabotaging your team culture and their results.

TO EMPLOYEES WITH BOSSES WHO MOVE FAST: your boss’s wiring and drive and quick decision making has enabled her/him to be successful in their career to this point. Giving your boss respectful and honest feedback about the impact that his/her speed and pace of change is having in the organization is needed! Good leaders will appreciate and apply feedback.

Remember: faster isn’t always better. Make sure that in moving fast, you’re also doing what’s best for the people you’re leading.

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