Why it’s time to move from BOSS to COACH…

by | Feb 10, 2022

Did you know that the most effective way to deploy initiatives, improve employee engagement, and grow your business is to move leaders from ‘BOSS’ to ‘COACH’?

Statistically speaking, Gallup found that leaders play a VERY CRITICAL ROLE in employee engagement and employee wellbeing – accounting for 70% OF THE VARIANCE IN TEAM ENGAGEMENT.

At Executive Impact, we believe that WHO YOU ARE is HOW YOU LEAD, and how you lead determines the culture and success of your team.

The principles of coaching, when applied to leadership, have proven time and time again to fill the gap that many team members experience in the workplace.

As the leader, YOU have the ability to fill that gap through the mindset and skillset of coaching…and this is what Phase 03 of our 2022 Leadership Bootcamp is all about, along with gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior. Leaders learn:

● The difference between coaching vs. mentoring

● How values & beliefs drive human behavior & tie directly to employee engagement

● What it means when a coach leader has a growth vs. fixed mindset & how it influences your ability to coach effectively

● The art of active listening & coaching with curiosity

● The power of questioning, coaching the ‘who’ & a framework to use in day-to-day coaching conversations

● How to coach ‘up’ for success as well as coach ‘through’ conflict & performance barriers

This is what one of our clients had to say about the effectiveness of coaching as a leadership tool…

“Initially, coaching seemed more like ‘fluff’ without producing any real results. I’ve worked with Alissa in two different companies where I was the HR leader and have become convinced that coaching is a key to sustainable behavior change. Group sessions consisted of introducing the ‘coach approach’ concepts, lively discussion, role play, and practice. She provided kind and candid feedback. Trust was built, awareness emerged, resulting in real cultural change.”

I’m so excited to offer this experience to employers—anyone interested in leveling up their leadership through the mindset and skillset of coaching.

All this, through the 2022 Leadership Bootcamp, a 12-month, virtual development program that transforms leaders from ‘boss’ to ‘coach’ by equipping them with the Coach Approach to Leadership principles.

If you want to develop yourself or your team as coach-leaders, so you can reach your goals faster, the Leadership Bootcamp that could be a perfect fit! contact me to learn more!