Why it’s important to LISTEN to your EMOTIONS as a LEADER…

by | Sep 7, 2023

I love to learn.

I’m constantly listening to audio courses and reading books. Recently, I’ve read the book “Who, Not How.” It’s such a great reminder for leaders, because over a period of time we get into the habit of doing the DOING of what we’re doing (tongue twister, I know😅)…

And it’s beneficial to make a practice of STEPPING BACK and EVALUATING what we invest our time in—to ask ourselves:

●     Am I the best person to still be doing this?

●     What are my high payoff activities?

●     What are my low payoff activities?

●     Am I frustrated about something?

●     Am I procrastinating something?

●     Could it be that I’m not the right WHO (the right person) to be doing the HOW (the task or project that needs to get done)?

●     WHO do I need to align myself with in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish?

●     Are there things I need to do to simplify my life, my work?

If I start feeling OVERWHELMED…



…those emotions are usually CLUES to me that I’m getting sucked into the HOW and I might either need a different HOW,


I might need a different ‘WHO’ to accomplish that ‘HOW.’ (someone other than me…aka DELEGATION!)

Whatever the solution may be, we need to take responsibility for a negative emotional state we may find ourselves in.

I can’t let myself stay there, in that unhelpful energetic state. I have to allow myself to come out of it, to pause, to reflect on how it’s going and to see if there’s a BETTER WAY!

Doing that recently for myself, I recognized there were some key things I was responsible for in the business that was draining my energy and creating heaviness when I don’t need to be the one doing that thing!

●     I wasn’t the best person suited for it.

●     It was draining my energy.

●     It was taking my time from things I’m really good at and need to do more of.


They’re like lights on the dashboard of a car—we need to ask better questions about those indicators when they pop up. They’re trying to tell us something and they’re asking for our attention so we can fix the problem.

We need to give those indicators our attention and come up with BETTER SOLUTIONS.

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