Who You are is How You Lead

by | Jan 6, 2022

WHO you are is HOW you lead. Here’s why…

Many leadership programs fail because they go straight into teaching leadership skills without first addressing the leader’s mindset.

If leaders aren’t aware of WHO they are and the IMPACT they are having on their team, they are less committed to doing the work of growing themselves as leaders.

We have a mantra at Executive Impact…“WHO you are is HOW you lead, and how you lead determines the culture and success of your team and organization.”

Without this deeper self-awareness, most leaders judge themselves by their ‘intentions’ rather than by their ‘actions and impact.’

This was apparent with one of our clients – a leader who was unintentionally damaging relationships and being perceived by her team as a dictator and boss without empathy who SEEMED to care only about getting the bottom-line results.

Phase 01 of the Coach Approach to Leadership was a catalyst for her growth. She committed to stretching beyond her comfort zone to learn the Coach Approach principles.

As a result, she transformed as a leader and her department became the MODEL of employee engagement in her company.

Phase 01 helps leaders understand and leverage their leadership DNA and measure the impact their leadership is having on the organization. Leaders:

● Learn the role and impact of leadership

● Unpack your leadership story to reveal natural areas of strengths & risk areas that may need to be managed

● Identify and measure your ‘natural wiring’ to assess how it can be an asset or potential liability in working with and leading others

If you want to move yourself and your leaders from BOSS to COACH so that you can reach your goals faster with less stress, let’s talk!

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