When your New Year’s Resolution isn’t off to a Great Start…

by | Jan 4, 2022

The turn of the year will often inspire people, because it feels like the fresh start they need in order to turn over a new leaf.

There’s a lot of energy around that, and rightly so.

But a lot of times, we make goals because we feel like they “should.”

In other words, we are “should-ing” on ourselves—comparing ourselves to others’ goals and progress or even the expectations of society, instead of forming our own goals that align with who we are and what actually matters to us.

When we make goals this way—in the “should-ing” way—we struggle to follow through. When we make goals this way, it’s evidence that maybe we’re not clear or connected to our:

– Personal mission and vision

– Values

– Purpose

– Our “why”

Now, don’t get me wrong: some of the struggle to follow through is just plain ol’ human nature.

It’s easier to watch our favorite TV show than get up and go for a run, right?

But we also forget that what gives us the motivation to be disciplined is when we’re CLEAR and CONNECTED TO our “why”—when we’ve made goals based on who we actually want to be rather than who we think we SHOULD be.

So, if you’ve made goals by “should-ing,” it’s not too late to make some adjustments and get that alignment you need to make amazing progress this year…

– Get clear on whether your current goals or New Year’s resolution is actually something you want to focus on.

– Get clear on what your vision, values, and motivations are, so that you can set the RIGHT goals.

– If you’re a leader of a team, consider getting some input from your team and reevaluate whether the goals you’ve set for your team need to be adjusted based on your organization’s mission, vision, and “why.”

Getting to the ‘root’ is so worth the effort because it will produce more ‘fruit’ in 2022.

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