What your employees ACTUALLY need from you…

by | Feb 22, 2022

There are three things most employees need when they come to work.

Often, employees don’t even realize it. But when these needs are met, it increases their level of fulfillment and they bring the best version of themselves to work.

1)     They need SOMETHING to BELIEVE IN.

2)     They need SOMEONE to BELIEVE IN.

3)     They need SOMEONE to BELIEVE IN THEM.

A good LEADER can ultimately provide all three of these.

One. They can cast the vision for SOMETHING to believe in and work toward. A worthy ideal, goal, effort, outcome. This can be inspiring and align people toward a common purpose.

Two. They can be the SOMEONE to believe in. By operating in integrity, a servant’s heart, and a coach’s skillset, they can differentiate themselves as being someone worthy of following.

Three. They can give people the gift of BELIEVING IN THEM. Many times, people don’t even believe in themselves. A great leader can identify the potential in people and communicate that potential. A leader can share their belief in others until those people believe it themselves. And a leader can trust their people with opportunities to use and grow their potential and give grace and support through the process of failing, learning, and growing.

Are you this kind of leader?

Regardless of what your leadership looks like now, here are some ways you can get started on becoming the kind of leader that can meet these three core needs of employees:

1)     What THING can you give your people to believe in?

2)     WHO would you need to become to be the leader someone would want to believe in? How would you show up? What would you do differently?

3)     Where do you see untapped potential in your people?

Even small adjustments in our leadership, if they are practiced consistently, can make a big difference for your team.