What we’ve heard from our clients about the Coach Approach to Leadership…

by | Nov 1, 2022

A client told me recently:

“My boss wanted to bring in a different leadership development program, which I’ve been through before. But I know they don’t go as deep or produce the same results as your [the Executive Impact] program.”

I was so thankful to hear that this was my client’s experience with our program!

I deeply believe in the Coach Approach to Leadership principles and have seen its results myself over the years.

We take leaders and leadership teams, filled with people of varying and strong personalities, and help them understand themselves and one another. Their wiring. Their strengths. Their similarities. Their differences.

And…how to leverage this knowledge as well as how to identify and mitigate the risks areas.

In the case of my client, his team was able to leverage those learnings and build high levels of trust. They transformed their level of leadership effectiveness and grew in their own areas of responsibility and expertise.

A couple of examples of results from the program with this client included:

–       Corporate came to the division consistently to recruit their leaders for other facilities.

–       One of the leaders in this division had an employee the GM didn’t think would make it. Because of what the leader learned and put into practice as a coach-leader, the employee made a complete turn-around—to the point of being promoted into leadership and even becoming an award-winning supervisor himself!

These are just a couple examples, stories of triumph that I’ve heard from my clients as a result of the Coach Approach to Leadership program.

It confirms again and again that the program really works! And we are passionate about seeing these results for each and every company we serve.