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The 🤫KEY🤫 to turning ANY PROBLEM into a SOLUTION!🎉

I love this quote:

“Every problem in life has a gift for you in its hands…you can choose to see the curse or the gift. And this one choice will determine if your life is a success story or one big soap opera.”

This quote is from a book called The Energy Bus.

And this idea represents the kind of GROWTH MINDSET that all leaders NEED!

This is THE leadership mindset. Here’s how to know if you have it…

● When a problem or issue arises, what mindset are we filtering it through?

● Do you see the problem as a threat, something negative to overcome, OR is it an opportunity for growth and getting closer to our purpose?

● How do you respond when the unexpected happens? Do you erupt, get angry, shut down? Or do you reflect, talk to trusted advisors, get feedback, start planning?

● Do you see things working ON you and FOR you, or against you?

● Are you naturally more REACTIVE or PROACTIVE?

In the 360 assessment we use in the Coach Approach to Leadership program, we evaluate two kinds of mindsets…



The thing is, everyone needs a little “problem reactive” mindset—sometimes, we need to deal with crises and mitigate risk.

BUT any strength, overused, can become a weakness. When it is, we become:

● Less of a coach

● Less effective

● Less innovative

● More stressed

● and, our people become more stressed as well

The fruit of The Energy Bus quote—of seeing problems that arise as a gift rather than a curse—is:

● More confidence

● Less stress

● More energy

● More fun and inspiration

● Getting work done faster

● More creative solutions

● More innovation

● More engagement from your team

● Better relationships

● More psychological safety

It takes practice to adopt this mindset and build the skill set, and the Coach Approach to Leadership program accelerates this! That’s why I believe so much in what we do.

If you want to learn more, reach out to me!

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