The SECRET WEAPON in communication…

by | Jan 26, 2023

I was on a 1:1 coaching call recently with a leader who is part of our year-long program with a group of his peers.

He shared with me that his frontline leaders had been enrolled in a corporate leadership development initiative. While he was glad to have the training for them, he realized the program was missing something critical:


The program was diving directly into teaching communication, which is great.

But, it was missing the fundamental aspect of where communication starts, and often where it fails—OURSELVES.

The program they were using was diving directly into teaching communication TACTICS. The process of communication. Strategies for communication.

All of that was good, but it was missing the most foundational and important piece of helping his leaders have perspective on their own NATURAL WIRING and how that plays into EVERYTHING about communication.

This is the reason that working on the MINDSET of a leader and working with their WIRING, BELIEFS, and VALUES, are FOUNDATIONAL to a comprehensive leadership development approach.

When leaders learn a principle, fact, or strategy without context on how they’re wired, the training has less value to them.

And worse: it’s not sustainable and leads to compounding communication problems later on.

This leader I was coaching REALLY understood that.

So, what’s the secret weapon in communication?


This is why in the Coach Approach to Leadership program, we begin with the DISCOVER Phase, where participants learn about THEMSELVES and how their natural wiring, values, beliefs, etc. affect their leadership.

As a result, this deeper self-awareness sets the stage for new communication strategies that get to the heart of issues, solve real problems, and work consistently.

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