The SECRET to building your DREAM TEAM…

by | Feb 24, 2022

If you’ve ever seen a Redwood tree, you’re familiar with it’s massive trunk, its towering height. Their size and height surpasses all other tree species. Entire ecosystems live in their branches. They live for thousands of years.

And yet the roots of Redwood trees are shallow.

How can this be?

While their roots only descend 5-6 feet below the earth, they are completely INTERCONNECTED with the roots of other Redwood trees nearby.

As Redwoods grow, their roots overlap and braid together, holding the trees in place, anchoring them to something more than soil: each other.

What does all this have to do with you and your team?

Like Redwoods, when teams are aligned toward a clear, inspiring vision and key priorities…

…when decision-making authority is clear…

…when everyone understands the goals…when trust is protected at all costs…

…when team members have each others’ backs and when leaders put in the hard work to create that kind of environment…

the STRENGTH and SUSTAINABILITY of that team can weather storms and challenges and are stronger as a result (just like the forest of Redwood trees).

This kind of (DREAM) TEAM:

●       Holds each other accountable.

●       Operates as WE, not ME.

●       Navigates conflict in a healthy way.

●       Tells each other the truth, respectfully.

●       “Takes one for the team” when needed.

●       Seeks solutions, not excuses—and avoids blaming and finger-pointing.

How does your team currently compare to this idea of being a ‘dream team‘?