The SECRET SAUCE to LONG-TERM organizational success…

by | Jan 5, 2023

I love being a leadership coach!

In 2008, I was going through several life challenges. I found myself asking the question: What do I want to be when I grow up…not the question you typically ask when you are a single mother of two and in your mid-thirties!

At that time, I didn’t know coaching even existed as a profession. But reading through a book that prompted me to consider writing my own personal mission statement, I remember writing notes about what I felt called to do…

●      Equip

●      Encourage

●      Empower

As I did further research, I realized there’s a whole industry that focused on doing exactly that: COACHING!

But as I learned more about coaching, I realized it was more than just a profession.

The principles of coaching apply to everyone, and ESPECIALLY to LEADERS who are navigating complexing in business while also being responsible for multiple generations in the workplace.

I found that LEADERS who exhibited COACHING competencies were so much more effective in their organization and in their relationships—even in managing their personal lives—than those who didn’t.

That’s why I created the Coach Approach to Leadership program, which instills the coaching SKILLSET and MINDSET into leaders at all levels of an organization. The results have been tremendous:

●      Improved bottom-line business results

●      Increase in profitability

●      Improved safety metrics

●      Measurable increase in employee engagement

●      Career advancement among managers and leaders

●      More psychologically safe working environments

●      Decreased pressure on HR to do all the “people work”

●      And so much more!

I’ve learned over the years that the COACH STYLE LEADERSHIP is the secret sauce to sustained organizational success. I believe in it because it transformed ME as a leader and parent and because I’ve seen it work for my clients who have experienced the benefits and transformation time and time again.

So what is the ‘COACH APPROACH’ to leadership anyway???

The easiest way to explain it – it’s the HEART of servant leadership combined with the HANDS and FEET of coaching – working together to equip a leader to transform from a ‘traditional boss’ to a ‘coach approach’ leader.

This type of leadership, the COACH APPROACH is:

●      EMPOWERING…but not enabling…

●      RESPECTING…without excusing…

●      INSPIRING…while also staying grounded and focused…

●      SEEING POTENTIAL…without ignoring risks and challenges…

And it is THE WAY to effectively engage and motivate our current workforce and to create a thriving company culture.

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