The Crucial Element Missing From Most People’s Education

by | Jan 17, 2024

The Crucial Element Missing

From Most People’s Education…

…learning the art and science of listening…

💡Think about it…

In school we are taught to READ, to WRITE, to raise our hands to speak.

But we are almost never taught how to LISTEN.

And listening is a FOUNDATIONAL skill for every. single. relationship. in our lives.

This is true especially for leaders. Listening is a core competency of being a coach leader.

Helping LEADERS to become GREAT COACHES to their teams—will empower them to get better and more sustainable results with less stress and frustration.

Characteristics of a Coach Leader, in addition to being active listeners, they:

➡️ Cast a clear and compelling vision

➡️ Inspire higher levels of ownership and accountability

➡️ Believe in the potential of each team member

➡️ Have courage to hire and lead people who are more knowledgeable

➡️ Celebrate success and acknowledge strengths

➡️ Always leads by example

Not only were we not taught to listen, most us weren’t taught about human behavior in school, nor how to effectively interact with and work well with others.

Yet as leaders, we spend most of our time with people.

When I became a coach, it completely shifted my perspective.

The Coach Approach to Leadership is not only a TECHNIQUE, but also a MINDSET and WAY OF BEING.

Here’s the impact of being a Coach Leader:

✔️ They know that achieving results AND building strong relationships are NOT mutually exclusive.

✔️ They have a heart to serve and use their leadership role as a catalyst to make a difference in the lives of team members while also serving the collective organization.

✔️ They get better results for their organization, because their teams are bought-in to the mission and feel empowered to innovate at new levels!

It is never too late to learn the art and science of how to listen effectively, gain more understanding of human behavior, and become a great coach leader! 🥳

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