Taking over a new division—how to shift your team’s culture…

by | Feb 16, 2023

Did you know the legacy of the leader you replaced is still influencing the culture of your team? For better or worse. The reality is, leadership legacy often remains alive and well for far too long.

The challenge for many leaders taking over a new area is that in order to be competitive in the market, to adjust to a changing environment, and to grow, the team will need to move beyond where they’ve BEEN and catch a vision for what’s possible in the future under NEW leadership.

That’s not an easy task – especially if you’re following behind a leader who left a lot of ‘toxicity’ in the culture.

You may have heard that it takes time to shift culture from a previous leader…a LONG TIME. But in my experience, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO. This process can be ACCELERATED!

And addressing the WHO of the culture – intentionally, consistently and transparently – is the key.

The reality is, most leaders don’t realize there is a way to ACCELERATE THE PROCESS. This starts with the following:

–       Clarity and conversations about values, beliefs, personality and wiring

–       Casting a vision that inspires the team to look ahead to what can be possible in the future

–       Focusing on the WHO of culture

–       Being intentional and transparent relationally

…as you collectively work toward achieving results…

Time doesn’t change culture.

Being aware of and intentional about the values and behaviors that we deem appropriate and acceptable. AND, coaching to those values and behaviors. This changes culture.

There will always be leaders who come before you and who come after you.

But as leaders, we are responsible to build effectively on the existing foundation while also leaving an even situation for next leaders who come after us.

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