Stop letting the URGENT override the IMPORTANT

by | Feb 28, 2023

Many people do, because they don’t know what their VALUES are…or aren’t living true to them.

But you CAN know and live your values…and focus on the important.

It all starts with self-awareness, which is something many of us aren’t paying attention to. We are often on auto-pilot…going about living our lives, doing our jobs, and not really thinking about:

– why we do things the way we do them

– whether there’s a better way

– if we’re actually happy with our actions and results

As a leader, it is important that you lead by example in this area. And, you CAN know what your values really are and whether you’re living by them by looking at the following:

– what you’re doing with your TIME

– what you’re doing with your ENERGY

– what you’re doing with your MONEY

This is where self-awareness starts.

And once you slow down to observe patterns in your life, work and behavior, THAT is when you can start making intentional decisions about what is truly important and make the changes to support it.

But before making changes, you need to know what your values actually ARE so the changes you make take you in the DIRECTION of those VALUES.

We go really in-depth into values and their effects on your leadership in our Leadership BootCamp.

If you take the our values assessment—included in the Leadership BootCamp—you’ll get to dive deep into learning WHAT your values are, WHERE they fall in the 7 levels of values, how those values influence and impact team and company culture, and HOW to live, work and lead intentionally with your values.


If your values are different than where you’re applying your time and resources, it’s time to REVISIT and REALIGN. Because you may have allowed the urgent to override the important.

To lead well, you’ll have to start living your values, walking the talk. Now is the time!

Contact me if you’re interested in learning about the Leadership BootCamp and how you can leverage YOUR values.

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