Sometimes as a leader, your ‘gut response’ is not always the best strategy…

by | Sep 27, 2022

In a recent coaching session with a senior leader, she was expressing frustration over her employees who were not performing well.

She described how they constantly complain about the changes and even more so over the recent requirements to get somewhat back to normal after Covid.

She indicated that their sales numbers were slipping and she was frustrated with the team.

Being a very results oriented, type A personality leader, she had scheduled a team meeting where she was planning to ‘lay down the law.’

As I listened and began to ask questions to learn more about the context of her situation, and how things are communicated in general to and with the team, it was clear there was more going on under the hood for her and her team.

It was also clear she was going with her ‘natural gut response’ in how she was planning to address her frustrations with her team.

So, we slowed the conversation to explore her situation through the lens of how a coach leader might view it…with curiosity, empathy and openness – attributes that often don’t come easily for a driven, results oriented leader, at least initially, because it feels like a waste of time.

At the end is the conversation, however, she had shifted her mindset and put together a completely different plan on how she would approach her team.

She said she felt relieved and even excited again – confident about the plan on how to help her team.

That is the result of learning and practicing a coach approach mindset.

And it has proven to produce far more effective results than most typical, type-A gut responses.

How about you…when was a time you DIDN’T go with your first gut response? What was the outcome? I’d love to hear YOUR story!

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