Skillset VS. Mindset: Is Having the Right Skillset Enough As a Leader?

by | Dec 7, 2021

Most leaders focus on growing their SKILLSET, rather than working on their MINDSET.

Why is MINDSET so important?

Well, first, let’s start by defining both…

●      SKILLSET is the hard practices, behaviors, and actions a leader takes on a daily basis in their role.

●      MINDSET is the internal thinking, beliefs, values, stories, and natural wiring that goes on under the surface for the leader. This is what actually drives behavior or skillset.

We know that WHO YOU ARE is HOW YOU LEAD, and how you lead determines the culture and success of your team and organization.

So, if we don’t get mindset right, skillset can only take you, your team, and your organization so far.

Teaching skillset without mindset won’t produce sustainable leadership growth, behavior change, or the long-term results you want to see in your company.

For example, I had a leader who was in training, and we were covering the topic of how to effectively navigate and deal with conflict. This leader was learning our 4-box model for unpacking and addressing conflict.

Having a model was helpful to her. It taught her a SKILLSET for dealing with conflict. But we didn’t stop there.

We also addressed MINDSET—without her understanding of what was true for her about her NATURAL CONFLICT STYLE, as well as some of the events in her leadership story that had created certain BELIEFS ABOUT CONFLICT, she would not have been WILLING to practice the new SKILLSET.

Because we addressed her wiring and beliefs around conflict, she was able to grow in her ability to work through conflict with confidence, less stress, and better outcomes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the way SKILLSET and MINDSET work together, and how that understanding could be helpful for your team, schedule a call with us!