SHOW, don’t TELL. How to better communicate expectations…

by | Nov 3, 2022

SHOW, don’t TELL. How to better communicate expectations…

If we’re not getting the results we want from our teams, we need to ask ourselves if we’re being clear enough…

I had a client who thought his leaders who reported to him were not being accountable.

His direct reports often showed up (to him) as not following through with stated expectations.

As I started coaching the team, I realized this wasn’t an issue of accountability AT ALL! It was a LACK OF CLARITY.

The executive leader thought he was communicating expectations effectively. But the team’s communication, sense of urgency, and learning styles were all different. Which meant they all had good intentions but were often MISSING EACH OTHER!

So, the gap was the need for more CLARITY, NOT more accountability.

It’s not always that people don’t want to be accountable or do the right thing or try hard.

Sometimes it is, but I find more often it’s a lack of CLEAR COMMUNICATION in a way that the ‘receiver’ truly gets it.

I encourage my clients also to SHOW, not just TELL.

If there’s something you’re trying to communicate that isn’t landing well with your team, try telling them a different way—primarily by not “telling” them at all.

Get practical. SHOW them. And if ‘showing’ them doesn’t seem to fit, give them an ‘experience’ of what ‘right’ really looks like.

I’ve seen it work wonders!