Participation Trophies and Appreciation in the Workplace…

by | Jul 21, 2022

Carol Dweck is an American psychologist and psychology professor at Stanford University and is known for her work on growth and fixed mindset.

She says that too much praise, such as participation trophies, actually leads kids to shut down and give up when faced with difficulties.

Many business leaders agree with this.

They experience the frustration of leading when they feel like they now have to give ‘verbal participation trophies’ away all day, every day, to their employees – just to keep them motivated.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

However, the OPPOSITE is true, and great COACH LEADERS know the difference between giving ‘verbal participation trophies’ and true acknowledgement…and they practice it on a regular basis.

The truth is people want to feel valued and appreciated. But they want to be valued and appreciated for something legitimate.

Here are a few areas where appreciation, thanks and recognition is meaningful:

– For a job well done

– Sincere efforts toward a job well done, particularly when there are challenging circumstances

– Characteristics, traits they possess that contribute to the team

– Skills and abilities that help the team to make progress toward success

Unlike giving a participating trophy just for showing up, acknowledging, affirming and appreciating a team member for these things reinforce what ‘right’ looks like, can inspire and motivate employees, and can also help them to build higher levels of confidence.

When people know that they’re valued for their effort and contribution, they are more engaged in their work and will strive to achieve business results.

How do you show appreciation to and for your team?