Most people are promoted as managers BEFORE THEY’RE READY…

by | Nov 15, 2022

Most people are promoted as managers BEFORE THEY’RE READY…

I was with a group of leaders recently, getting ready to launch their program.

We were talking about how leaders become leaders, which usually involves someone being really good at their job and being promoted to a manager role (leading others doing the job that person used to do).

The problem is, those people are being promoted into a job they weren’t trained for and may actually not enjoy: the job of leading others.

As I spoke with the leaders I’d be working with that day, one of them told me how stressed that made him feel as a leader, and how stressed his employees felt as a result!

He shared his own experience: when he was promoted to a manager role (without training), he ENDED UP WITH AN ULCER because of it!

It wasn’t that the job was too hard for him. And it wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy it. He really CARED about people and leading well, but didn’t have the knowledge or tools for navigating his new role as a leader.

The responsibility of being a leader is significant. And employees are constantly being put in those positions of leadership without being equipped. This can significantly affect the leader, the people, and ultimately the organization.

Across the board, as companies, we continue to do this to people.

I envision a reality in which leaders learn what it means to be a great, coach leader, regardless of how long they’ve been a leader.

But not only that—I also envision a reality in which people who are about to move up into leadership (or higher levels of leadership) are being TRAINED, MENTORED and COACHED in how to be an effective leader AHEAD OF TIME, before they step into a management role!

These are all reasons why we created the Coach Approach to Leadership – to do just that.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program and transforming leadership effectiveness in your organization, schedule a time to chat.


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