Leadership has changed…

by | Mar 15, 2023

How we got results as leaders in the past is not how we’re able to get results today or the future, not only because employee expectations have changed…so many things in our world have changed.

As a result, employees are looking for different, which is not always a bad thing.

But it has definitely become more challenging for leaders…

Like one of my clients recently discovered when we debriefed his Leadership 360 Assessment results.

The results showed that he was being perceived as very HIGHLY REACTIVE…meaning that he achieved great results in the business but was breaking relationships with all levels around him.

He was showing up as what I call a command-and-control style leader, and it really bothered him to receive this feedback.

The thing is, people like his results, but not the way he gets them.

It’s NOT that this leader was failing.

It’s that leadership – and expectations OF leaders has changed…and it’s calling leaders to a higher level and requiring a different approach to people AS they get work to get results.

My client hadn’t yet learned the MINDSET and SKILLSET to ADAPT to the new level of complexity he was being challenged to grow into.

His takeaway was that it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to see the impact he’s having on his people.

That negative impact isn’t what he wants to create. He CARES about his team, he wants GOOD for them. He wants good for the org.

***But many are not on board with him, because they can’t hear his heart and intentions over his loud, driving behaviors.***

The good news is, he CAN do things differently to show his good intentions and change his command-and-control style.

Just because we have a certain ‘job title’ or position of AUTHORITY does not give us INFLUENCE with people.

It’s a reminder that FEEDBACK is important. If feedback is not completely positive, that’s ok.

…It could be an indicator that we have a good heart and good intentions but people don’t see it.

…Or it could mean that we are dealing with higher levels of complexity that we’ve not yet learned how to grow into as a leader.

…Or it could mean that we DON’T have good intentions, that people know it, and we need to make changes.

Whatever position you may find yourself in, know this: you CAN thrive as a leader in today’s environment. It just takes self-awareness and a willingness to grow.

If you’d like some help becoming a more effective leader, that’s what the Coach Approach to Leadership program is all about. You can contact me if you’d like more info about it!


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