Knowing your CONFLICT STYLES will transform your team culture…here’s how…

by | May 31, 2022

“Hands down, this is the best money we’ve spent all year!”

One of the leadership teams we’ve worked with first came to us wanting to grow as leaders AND as a team.

The senior leader was being asked to solve interpersonal conflicts and challenges between team members. She would coach them but they were struggling to follow through.

She couldn’t figure out why.

As we started working with the team in our Dream Team program, the problem surfaced: it was coming from the team members’ NATURAL WIRING. It wasn’t actually a breakdown in relationships, though it was showing up like that.

Once they identified this fact and had discussions around each person’s conflict styles, things started to improve.

Knowing WHO WE ARE as leaders makes a difference in our team culture.

The senior leader saw the potential in her team, knew they were holding themselves back, but didn’t know how to bridge the gap.

Through our Coach Approach to Leadership principles, we provided this team the tools to do the following:

  • Build deeper levels of trust,
  • Understand each team member’s natural wiring,
  • Know their own and each other’s conflict styles,
  • Practice a model for dealing with conflict better, and
  • Improve accountability and ownership for relationships and results.

The senior leader later shared with me, “Hands down, this is the best money we’ve spent all year!”

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