Is the Leadership BootCamp for you?

by | Jul 21, 2022

Want to equip your leaders to grow in EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, SOFT SKILLS, and COACHING COMPETENCIES so they transform from ‘traditional boss’ to ‘coach leader’…effectively inspiring and motivating all generations in the workplace?

If so, the Leadership BootCamp is for you.

Join us for a 9 month leadership transformation! Click on the link in the comments to schedule a call…


-Understanding and Leveraging Your Leadership DNA (Sept 13th)

-Earning and Expanding Trust (Oct 11th)

-Elevating Individual and Team Accountability (Nov 8th)

-Communicating with Effectiveness (Dec 6th)

-Inspiring and Motivating Others (Jan 10th 2023)

-Understanding Human Behavior through Values (Feb 7th)

-Coaching for Success (Mar 7th)

-Coaching Through Conflict (Apr 11th)

-Coaching for Improved Performance (May 9th)


*In-depth leader assessments to create profound self- and others-awareness

*Individual intake session with each leader to unpack their ‘leadership story’ and set development goals for the program; separate goal setting session with coach and direct supervisor as well

*9 Interactive, in-person monthly group sessions to introduce and practice the Coach Approach to Leadership principles (including emotional intelligence and soft skills of leading multiple generations)

*9 Individual, monthly 1:1 leader coaching sessions to uncover and remove barriers, inspire vision & possibilities thinking, and overcome obstacles

*Unlimited email access and additional, impromptu 10-15 min ‘Power Calls’ as needed with Coach Facilitator

*Ongoing communication and feedback to/from direct supervisor, including a debrief of assessment results to help the direct supervisor coach the leader with a better knowledge of the leader’s natural wiring

*Leadership materials provided for each group session

***Monthly group sessions will be held at the Jackson Chamber in Jackson TN from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, with individual 1:1 virtual monthly coaching sessions scheduled separately with participating leaders.