“I don’t want to train the managers under my senior leaders…”

by | Jul 28, 2022

“I don’t want to train the managers under my senior leaders until my senior leaders are trained.”

This is what the president of one of our client companies said to me just yesterday as we collaborated on upcoming leadership development plans for his team.

And his comment is spot on!

So why would it be important for senior leaders to be trained before the mid-level and front-line leaders?

When leaders further down in the organization learn the mindset and skillset of being a great coach-leader and their boss isn’t leading in that way it creates what we call an ‘INTEGRITY GAP’.

The front-line leaders start to see what great leadership should look like and it shines a spotlight on the gaps in the executives’ leadership.

We hear things like:

– “Well, our boss doesn’t do this…”

– “This isn’t how our corporate office does things…”

– “Our leadership team wouldn’t let us do it this way…”

– Or, “This approach isn’t going to fly with senior leadership.”

The “do as I say, not as I do” leadership style doesn’t work because more is often caught than taught.

For a leadership program to be truly effective, you must have the buy-in, participation and modeling of great leadership by the executive and senior-level leaders.

We can’t expect others to embody great leadership if we’re not walking our talk.

And I’m excited to say that my client models walking his talk, and his company is thriving because of it!

Are you modeling the type of leadership you want to see in others?