HR’s Role in Developing Leaders…

by | Apr 18, 2022

Many HR professionals deal with constant stress in their jobs. Why? Because they are dealing with what seems like never never ending “people problems” that arise among employees, leaders AND teams.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

People who become leaders and managers in their companies are typically promoted to those positions because of their talent, work ethic, and ability to get results.

What’s often missing for these leaders is the training to know how to lead, motivate, and care for the people on their teams (aka ’emotional intelligence’)—and as a result, as “people problems” arise, they are handed to HR to “fix.”

This puts a lot of pressure on HR, and on top of that, HR isn’t WITH the people on a daily basis to fully understand the context and be the ideal resource to resolve all of the issues.

This also disempowers leaders and managers, because they feel that when these “people problems” arise, they don’t know how to solve them.

There is definitely a better way!

Because the skillset of managing people is different from the skillset many leaders and managers previously needed to do their jobs, that means IT’S TIME TO TEACH A NEW MINDSET AND SKILLSET.

This is a perfect opportunity for HR to ‘partner’ with these leaders and managers as a COACH by supporting and teaching leaders to ‘fish’ rather than ‘catching the fish for them’…

The valuable aspects that HR offers such as understanding of human behavior, advocating for equitable treatment of employees, mediation and conflict resolution can be TAUGHT to leaders and managers throughout the company.

As a result, this MULTIPLIES the value and impact HR brings and cascades it throughout the company by empowering leaders and managers to address their own “people problems” with greater CONFIDENCE AND EFFECTIVENESS.

The role of HR shouldn’t always be solving every people related problem.

The role of HR can be a partner to TEACH and COACH the leaders through the mindset and skillset of solving people problems.

It’s time to move leaders from BOSS to COACH.

It’s time to move HR professionals from the place of being the front-line problem solvers to being coaches of the leaders who will do the work of solving those problems for their own teams.

Many of our HR colleagues with our client companies buy-in to this vision and have partnered with us to ‘jump start’ this learning process for their leaders.

By equipping leaders to become true coach-leaders who confidently coach, motivate and inspire their teams while also achieving outstanding business results, these HR professionals are transforming their workplace culture – and are no longer feeling like they are doing it alone.