How to stop being the bottleneck

by | Feb 15, 2022

How to stop being the bottleneck and get the best results from your team…

Did you know that most leaders are DIRECTIVE—even those who don’t show up on the surface as having a top-down, command-and-control style?

The reason for this actually makes a lot of sense: these leaders are RESPONSIBLE; it’s their job to PROBLEM-SOLVE; the buck stops with them when it comes to GETTING RESULTS.

Because of this, these leaders often tell, direct, and instruct their team based on what THEY think is best.

The motive for this is good.

BUT, the effect is that these leaders will eventually become the BOTTLENECK for their team, because the team feels the need to go to the boss for instructions, answers, and permission.

Long-term…this limits a leader’s reach, their team’s ability to problem solve, and lastly, the team’s ability to GET RESULTS!

So, how do we fix this?

The answer lies in a leader’s ability to be a COACH-APPROACH leader. The anecdote to telling and directing until a team is rendered incapable of their own ideation, innovation, and initiative, is to FACILITATE and COACH!

Facilitation is a wonderful tool for coaching, and it especially comes in handy for a leader or manager.

Coaching and facilitation are all about ASKING QUESTIONS, creating space for team members to contribute, allowing them to find their own answers with their leader as a partner and guide, and equipping them to take ownership.

These are some characteristics of FACILITATION as a COACH-APPROACH leader…

●       Creating self-awareness

●       Collaborative conversations

●       Curiosity without assumption and judgment

●       Asking questions at a deeper level (the who and the why behind the what and the how)

●       Guiding through the process of discovery

●       Providing (appropriate/reasonable) freedom of choice in execution

There are times when directing and telling is needed. But when coaching and facilitating are underutilized and practiced regularly, ownership across the team increases and creative solutions emerge on a more consistent basis.

When leaders realize how much their teams are capable of, coaching and facilitating will not only become your go-to approach, you’ll experience less stress from feeling like you need to “do it all.”

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