How to delegate decision-making the RIGHT way.

by | Dec 8, 2022

In a coaching session with a leader recently, she expressed feelings of overwhelm.

As we began to explore what might be behind this feeling of overwhelm, we discovered what I call ‘fuzzy goals’ and unclear priorities.

This leader was required to make daily decisions in a very fast-paced business environment and didn’t realize that she herself was actually unclear about what really mattered most.

Everything felt like it was urgent and the most important priority. And the feeling of overwhelm was happening because of the pressure of it.

As a leader, we are modeling for others.

And if WE aren’t clear about the priorities, expectations and how to make confident decisions on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis about what is most important, then it only gets more intense for those we are leading.

Without clarity, people can’t make judgments.

When everything is a priority, nothing is.

I’ve encouraged leaders for years with the principle “clear is kind,” and it’s really important that COACH APPROACH LEADERS learn to delegate decision-making effectively by FIRST clearly communicating objectives and priorities.

Here’s what you can do to give your employees more clarity…

***Make sure YOU are clear yourself, and are operating according to the right priorities on a consistent basis.

***Meet with your employees regularly 1:1 to make sure you’re both on the same page about expectations and priorities.

***Ask curious questions to get a sense of how much clarity your direct report has and identify any area where there are ‘fuzzy goals.’

Explore whether they have clarity on their areas of decision-making authority and if they have what they need to confidently make those decisions.

***Ask:, “What am I missing?” Often, your direct report may see objectives and priorities from a vantage point that you can’t. Make sure that what you see as priority actually NEEDS to be priority.

We as leaders are modeling behavior for the people we lead.

We as leaders also know the feeling of overwhelm that comes with confused priorities and unclear expectations.

The gift of clarity is powerful and is a tool for empowering those we lead!