How to CREATE your OWN psychological safety…

by | Aug 16, 2022

If you’ve followed my posts for any length of time, you’ve probably recognized that I am a strong advocate for #leaders operating in 100% #ACCOUNTABILITY.

And you’ve probably also heard me say that it is the LEADER’S #RESPONSIBILITY to create a psychologically safe working environment where the #team can express ideas, opinions and even objections without concern for retribution, public embarrassment or feeling attacked.

And I still believe all of that is absolutely true and necessary to be an effective #coach #leader.

To the team members, however, I also have what I hope will be empowering and encouraging information…

No one can MAKE you feel psychologically unsafe unless you LET them.

Now I get that when a ‘boss’ shows up as intimidating, disrespectful, argumentative, etc., it can definitely feel that way—the boss effect is real.

However, that is still just an ‘event.’ How you ‘respond’ to that event is what is more important.

While events like these can definitely break trust and cause you to lose respect for a person, it is also an opportunity to self-reflect and build your own RESPONSE-ability.

When you notice this happening, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

– What about this situation is making me feel unsafe?

– Is this a real threat to me or a perceived one?

– If I gave myself permission to stay in control of my response, how would I want to see myself responding right now?

– Is there a new perspective or thought that would help me recover from the emotion of the situation?

– Is there an action I need to take now or in the future to walk in my own confidence?

– Or could the action be to not take action at all…but to let it go or let it be?

I encourage you to NOT give your power away to anyone. Not a boss, a peer, a family member or even your own children.

You have the ability to stay in control of your response to any and all situations you’re faced with—in life and in work— and that is the power of growing your #emotionalintelligence.

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