How to AVOID unnecessary employee TURNOVER in your company…

by | Jul 5, 2022

Want to know a secret?

When companies aren’t focusing on building a COACHING CULTURE, you can have a 20-year employee thinking they’re doing a great job while actually UNDER-PERFORMING and on the list for termination…

None of us want that. Not the company. Not the manager. And definitely not the employee.

This very situation happened with one of our clients, and this is how we helped them through it…

These are 4 things YOU can do if you find yourself in a similar situation:

1)   Make sure team members are clear on the current expectations.

People can’t be expected to perform in a way that hasn’t been communicated to them. Make sure that you’re clearly communicating your expectations and confirming that the person understands. Clear is kind.

2)   Compare/contrast where the employee is today vs expectations (both yours and the employee’s perspectives).

When you do this, be sure to give/share examples. Point to specific things where the person can learn, change, and grow. If you’re vague with your feedback, they won’t know how to improve or what improvement even looks like.

3)   Collaboratively create a development plan to close any gaps.

Partner with your team member to help them map a plan to leverage existing strengths and also make the improvements that need to be made. Offer strategy, support. It’s the first step to hold yourself, and the employee, accountable.

4)   Make sure you’re having regular 1:1 ongoing coaching conversations.

Don’t just have these kinds of conversations during annual or semi-annual performance reviews. These conversations need to happen frequently, and it’s the leader’s responsibility to initiate these conversations.

A COACHING CULTURE is crucial to avoiding a high employee turnover rate in your company, to ensuring that the right people with the right skills are on the team, and getting the best results for the organization and for their own career growth.

If you’d like to build a coaching culture for your team, let’s talk! Book a discovery call with me today.