Grow the Root of Your Leadership

by | Oct 26, 2023

In order to grow the “fruit” of your leadership…you must first grow the “root” of your leadership.

What is the ROOT?

The ‘ROOT’ includes:

#1  Your Natural Wiring

how you learn and process information, your personality and behavior traits, and your areas of interest and passion

#2 Your Values

deeply held principles or standards; your judgment of what is important;             

the energetic drivers of your aspirations and intentions

#3 Your Beliefs

philosophies, ideas or concepts that you hold to be true and correct 

#4 Your Stories

the meaning you give and the conclusions you come to about the events, circumstances, and experiences in your life and work

So, why does the ROOT matter?

The ROOT makes up WHO YOU ARE as a leader.

WHO you are is HOW you lead, and how you lead determines the culture and success of your team and organization. 

The health of the ‘fruit’ is determined by the health of the ‘root’.

💡Leadership Self-Check:

How is your ‘root’ influencing the ‘fruit’ of your leadership—and its impact on those you lead?

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