Great coach leaders LOVE their people!

by | Feb 14, 2023

On this day when so many are celebrating love (Happy Valentine’s Day by the way!)…it is a great reminder as leaders to LOVE OUR PEOPLE!

We don’t hear that word much in a corporate environment…but it shouldn’t be taboo.

And it isn’t taboo to love our people – our team!

I am NOT talking about romantic love (my HR peeps would have a heart attack at the very idea of it!) 🙂

I am talking about LOVING YOUR TEAM ENOUGH to:

❤️take the time to get to know them

❤️be patient, wiling to forgive when they have an occasional ‘bad’ day

❤️recognize they are human and have flaws (just as we all do)

❤️respect their right to have their own personality, values, beliefs, opinions

❤️appreciate their gifts, talents, and experiences that make them who they are

❤️look for hidden potential they may not recognize in themselves

❤️generously celebrate their areas of strength, successes and wins

❤️celebrate their efforts to grow, especially when they’re pushing past fears

❤️be honest in your feedback, be respectful – but love them enough to tell them the truth

We all have a ‘story’.

And that story has shaped who we are and where we are today.

Great coach leaders are passionate about meeting people where they are and (as John Quincy Adams said so well) they “…inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more…”

This is love in action…even in corporate.