Give me 2 minutes  and I’ll teach you:  The 4 Pillars of Employee Engagement…

by | Feb 15, 2024

A thriving company culture and high levels of employee engagement are YOUR competitive advantage.

Check to see if you are addressing each of the 4 pillars in your company…

Pillar #1 Individual (Personal) Values Alignment: 

Can your employees safely bring ‘who’ they are to work?

Pillar #2 Mission Alignment:

Are their daily duties connected to a larger purpose? Do they believe the company is headed in the right direction?

Pillar #3 Behavior Alignment:

Are leaders walking the talk? Do your behaviors line up with what you ‘say’ your company values are?

Pillar #4 Structural Alignment:

Do organizational policies/procedures, systems, and processes align with and support your company values?

Common examples of MIS-alignments in values:

❌ You say health and safety are core company values, but employees are overworked and have no work/life balance

❌ You say everyone’s ideas are important and valued, but meetings are rushed and people do not feel safe to disagree

These are just two examples of gaps in alignment that can result in decreased engagement.

Invest time to focus on the

4 Pillars of Employee Engagement:

#1 Individual Values Alignment

#2 Mission Alignment

#3 Behavior Alignment

#4 Structural Alignment

and you will see it translate to improved business results.

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