Every LEADER has *natural resources*

by | Aug 29, 2023

🌏Here’s how to take care of them…

A lot of companies are making adjustments in their business strategies to take better care of the environment. To conserve energy. To protect natural resources. To make sure that future generations don’t have to pay for long-term environmental costs of short-term profits.

Environmental sustainability is an important conversation for business leaders to engage in.

But what we often overlook as leaders is HUMAN sustainability.

While your business may be offering something of value to the world, that can’t continue if the people working in your business are not equipped with the right environment and energy to thrive long term—to work in a way that is sustainable.

MANY leaders are burnt out. I know this is true because I’m in conversations with them.

They lack energy, motivation, vision. They’ve used up all their “natural resources” from within them. And their energy, motivation, time, skillsets, etc. are not being replenished.

When burnout happens, you risk losing some of your BEST people for very AVOIDABLE reasons.

This is NOT the path to long-term sustainability in your business culture or business results.

So, what can be done?

As a leader of leaders, it’s important to START WITH YOU. Ask yourself these questions:

🌟Is what I’m spending my time on bringing me energy?
🌟Am I working in my area of gifting? Am I both enjoying and good at what I’m doing?
🌟Am I operating in my strengths or am I trying to contribute in areas where I’m weaker?
🌟Am I working on the right things, and am I over-functioning or micromanaging?

If your answers to these questions highlight areas that need to change, that’s a good thing! That means you have new awareness that can lead to breakthroughs for you.

The three categories of LEADERSHIP sustainability are:

(1) Time…Are you in control of and intentional about where your time goes? Are you satisfied with how you’re investing your time right now?

(2) Skill…Do you enjoy what you’re skilled at? Is the majority of work you do something you’re skilled at?

(3) Energy…What gives you energy and what zaps your energy? Are you paying attention to it and structuring your contribution in such a way that you’re able to increase your energy rather than depleting it?

The reality is, until you’re able to create for YOURSELF a sustainable way of leading and working, you won’t be able to help the people you lead do that for themselves.

But the reverse is also true: When you DO create sustainability for yourself as a leader, you’re able to EQUIP your team to do the same.

…and this can transform the CULTURE and BUSINESS RESULTS of your team and even the entire organization!! Which can have the GOOD kind of ripple effects into the future.

Make SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP a priority for you and your team.

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