Don’t Wait for Another Crisis To Develop Your Leaders

by | Dec 9, 2021

Implementing a leadership initiative in an organization can feel like changing a flat tire while the car is in motion.

I’ve been there with clients who are going through major shifts in daily operations, dealing with changes they didn’t ask for, and addressing critical challenges that require timely responses…as well as when they are navigating significant growth in their business.

In those times, survival seems to be the top priority. Why would leadership development be the top priority?

The reality is, we often try to address the countless challenges we face in business by dealing with the FRUIT (the symptoms, the surface-level problems) without ever getting to the ROOT (the actual cause of many of the core challenges that keep showing up in a myriad of ways).

So, what is the ROOT?

More often than not, I’ve found the root to be systemic issues in the leadership culture.

Effective leaders can make the ultimate difference in the life and success of an organization.

When we worked with one of our clients, they were in a time of transition, change, and challenge.

But they recognized the importance of growing their leadership as a primary way of addressing many of the issues they were facing.

These are a few of the challenges we found that were DIRECTLY connected to LEADERSHIP:

  • Breakdowns in teamwork between departments
  • Pushback from employees on change initiatives and new SOPs
  • General lack of company-wide trust and motivation
  • Low employee engagement scores as a result of the facility’s working culture

Through The Coach Approach to Leadership and a series of assessments, group sessions, one-on-one coaching sessions and more, we worked with their top 39 leaders so they could accomplish the following:

  • Eliminate subconscious, toxic leadership tendencies
  • Lead and motivate multi-generational teams effectively
  • Align departments as allies moving toward the same goal
  • Troubleshoot and creatively solve business problems
  • Create a positive culture
  • Get the right people in the right seats, doing their best work
  • Track and achieve key internal goals

As a result of the program, the teams not only achieved the best safety record they’d had in 25 years, they also improved their customer service call metrics, drastically improved their communication, increased productivity and engagement, and decreased quality and shipping errors.

One of the leaders who completed the program said, “I wish I’d had this program 20 years ago. I’d be a better leader. We’d be a better team.”

To learn more about how The Coach Approach to Leadership can equip your leaders before the next crisis occurs, schedule a call with us!