Do your 2023 GOALS actually match your true PRIORITIES?

by | Jan 3, 2023

I talked to a leader recently about mapping out the 2023 year.

She told me that one of her PRIORITIES for the next year was to invest in her leadership team’s growth and build a strong leadership bench for the company.

BUT as we discussed her facility’s business GOALS, the metrics and objectives passed down from corporate and some she had created, I realized that the only metric that had to do with people and leadership growth was SAFETY.

When we identified this gap, it was an AHAA! moment for this leader.

She hadn’t even noticed it. She wanted the leadership culture on her team and in her organization to change and grow, but she hadn’t translated that PRIORITY into a measurable and executable GOAL.

With this new awareness, she was able to make a very intentional and clear GOAL for her PRIORITY of people.

Her leadership team is going to benefit from it immensely, and she’ll see her vision and hope for her team and the culture of her organization come to life!

I want this for YOU too!

As we enter 2023, I invite you to ponder these questions:

***What are your PRIORITIES?

***Where are your GOALS not aligned with your PRIORITIES?

***What GOALS need to change as a result?

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