Ditch command-and-control leadership (also, what IS command-and-control?)…

by | Dec 6, 2022

In our current workforce, we are leading multiple generations with different sets of values. We’re in a very complex and ever-changing business environment.

Leaders who continue to lead with the traditional, top-down, command-and-control style leadership are finding it more DIFFICULT and more stressful to remain EFFECTIVE.

Many have actually COST their organization, directly and indirectly, for the style of leadership that they possess—hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted, simply because of a leadership style that is no longer (and in many contexts, never was) effective.

So, what IS command-and-control style leadership? How do you know if you have it or if you’re working under it?

Here are some characteristics:

–       The leader(s) often have a type-A, results driven personality.

–       They tend to be very directive.

–       They are territorial.

–       They see employees as a means to an end.

–       They are ego-driven.

–       They are controlling to the point of micromanaging.

–       They don’t respond well (or at all) to feedback.

–       They feel like they have (or have to have) all the answers.

–       They are driven to be the expert in every room they’re in.

–       They interrupt and finish people’s sentences – thinking they already know what someone is going to say.

–       They’re often perfectionists.

–       Their words and actions affect the psychological safety of those around them and can create patterns of groupthink.

–       They’re disempowering and often fail to delegate decision-making authority.

–       They’re often volatile and unyielding.

This type of leadership (especially with our current workforce) results in disengaged and unmotivated employees.

Not only that, but in company cultures where this type of leadership is ALLOWED to exist, there are breakdowns in trust, communication and teamwork throughout the organization.

Eventually, these breakdowns drastically affect business results.

This is why learning the Coach Approach to Leadership is so critically important. If you’re interested in learning more about our process, reach out to me to set up a call!

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