Coaching UP or Coaching OUT

by | Feb 17, 2022

When your ‘problem employee’ is actually just not in the right role…

I’m often brought in to companies to coach leaders one-on-one who are dealing with recurring issues that the company hasn’t been able to help them solve.

I had one leader in particular who was very important to his organization, but was experiencing a lot of volatility as a leader.

He’d be engaged, motivated, and then he would dip—he would start feeling frustrated, be more aggressive with his people, less tolerant and patient.

Essentially, he was not the best version of himself. And it was cyclical. Like a roller coaster.

His company called me in to help. They indicated he was talented, experienced, and valuable but rubbing people the wrong way and generally inconsistent. They wanted to help him to figure out what was going on.

We completed several intake and discovery sessions to:

– dig in to his leadership story

– understand his natural wiring

– explore his values & triggers and

– uncover his core beliefs – all of which were driving his leadership behaviors.

What we discovered was that his level of INDEPENDENCE was so high and his values for FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY were so strong that he was no longer being effective inside what he felt was a rigid, corporate structure.

He obviously wasn’t thriving. And neither were those around him.

After deeper discussion, he agreed for me to share some high level feedback with the company about our findings and request additional coaching to explore possible solutions his challenges – regardless of where the solution landed us. The company readily agreed.

As we continued coaching, he concluded that he wanted to launch out and become a business owner. So we notified the company and he began working with the company on a transition plan.

It ended up being a win-win for both. The company was able to have time to recruit and place a leader who would be engaged in a corporate position, and the leader made a plan to launch his business.

Fast forward 5 years later, as a business owner – the leader is thriving and still loves what he’s doing!

For companies who want to coach their employees to greater levels of effectiveness, this can seem like an undesirable solution.

But this company understood the value of coaching to their organization—and ultimately wanted what was best for the employee because they know:

●      When people who aren’t thriving, engaged or committed to the success of the organization are leading and influencing others, it negatively impacts the company culture and productivity.

●      When people see that the culture of their company is balanced in having both the best interest of their employees and the bottom line at heart, they will be more loyal to and trusting of the organization’s leadership.

While in the short term, it can be a challenge to work through a situation like we had here, it’s ultimately a win-win for the employee and the company.