Cause them to think, get them to action.

by | Jan 18, 2022

This is a quote I learned from one of my mentors.

Coaching leaders is all about helping others grow, be more successful, and reach their potential.

And while self-awareness ALONE does not produce growth, it is ESSENTIAL to starting the process.

But what does self-awareness look like on a practical level?

It’s causing us to THINK. To consider more deeply.

To become more self-aware, we must create a habit of CURIOSITY and OBSERVATION about ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.

In any situation, leaders can ask themselves questions that lead to greater self-discovery—both for what’s working and what’s not.

Here are some go-to questions you can consider in moments when you want to understand more about yourself or help you lead better in the situation…

1)    What do I really want the outcome to be in this situation?

*It’s important to slow down and be sure you are starting with the end in mind.

*Clearly identify where you want to end up.

*As leaders, we often get so busy, we don’t realize we may be working on a less important outcome…or may not be clear on what we really want the outcome to be.

2)    What is my real intention here?

*This is digging a little deeper. It’s the “why” behind the outcome you want.

*Sometimes our intentions are good, and sometimes we find that they’re not as much. Why is this outcome so important to you?

*Whatever you uncover about your intentions, it’s ok. What’s important is that you acknowledge and make adjustments based on what’s best for your team and organization, and you!

3)    How am I showing up and influencing the outcome?

*This goes straight to the HOW. Now that we know the WHAT (the objective) and the WHY (the intention behind it), we need to know what’s happened so far to create and influence the situation in its present state.

*A similar question we could ask is “How did I/we get here?”

4)    What are other ways of ‘doing’ or ‘being’ that would help me get there?

*This offers an opportunity for exploration, creativity, a pathway to whatever “better” looks like.

*You’d be surprised what this question can prompt and inspire simply by posing it to yourself.

5)    What am I missing?

*Asking ourselves this question is important for staying open to other possibilities.

*Self-awareness doesn’t happen in our own bubble, however. We also need feedback and support from others, especially from the people we lead.

*Because these are the people who experience us the most and will have valuable insight…often in an area we may be overlooking or may have as a blind spot.

***What’s one way you’ve been able to become more self-aware as a leader?***