Building Your Leadership Bench

by | Oct 5, 2021

You’re actively building your leadership bench whether you realize it or not. Here’s how to do it the right way…

As leaders, many of us feel the pressure to build our leadership bench.

We want to prepare a strong, capable group of people that will come alongside us and behind us after we’ve moved on.

Sometimes, it’s easy to see building our leadership bench as a set of tasks and something to start on once we’re farther along.

***But here’s the deal: you’re building your leadership bench RIGHT NOW, every day, with every interaction, whether you know it or not.***


→ → → Because MORE is CAUGHT than TAUGHT.

Here’s what I mean by that.

***As the leader, what you DO and DON’T DO, what you ALLOW and DON’T ALLOW on a daily basis is setting an example for those around you to follow.***

Your day-to-day actions are laying the foundation for your leadership bench.

The problem with NOT KNOWING you are already building your bench is that it’s happening unconsciously and maybe unintentionally.

***What kind of leadership bench do you want to build?

***Until now, what actions have helped contribute to that goal and what actions have hindered it?

Read the article below to learn more about how to be the kind of leader you want on your team.

Are you a senior leader in manufacturing, warehousing or construction who wants to make your company or division more productive, efficient and profitable?

But right now you may be facing a variety of challenges, like:

❓ Leaders who are stretched, even outpaced, by the rapid changes happening in business and in the world around us,

❓ Struggling to effectively lead multiple generations in the workplace,

❓ Employees who show up to work disengaged and unmotivated, or

❓ Breakdowns in teamwork, communication, and accountability.

✔️ Or maybe your team is fairly engaged and you’re hitting key business metrics, but you know there’s a ‘NEXT LEVEL’ of success for your leaders, teams and the company as a whole.

If any of these are true for you, you’re not alone.

The ‘Coach Approach’ to Leadership is a proven system to help you improve productivity, increase employee engagement and become more profitable.

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