As a leader, are HIGH EXPECTATIONS a bad thing?

by | Oct 27, 2022

There’s a difference between having HIGH EXPECTATIONS and being DEMEANING. There’s a difference between striving for EXCELLENCE and stressing for PERFECTION.

COACH LEADERS see the potential in others and are willing to challenge them to grow, while also treating them with respect and dignity.

BOSSES tend to demean and push their people in disrespectful and abrasive ways.

The first is OTHERS-FOCUSED, and the second is ME-FOCUSED.

When we as leaders are asking ourselves questions like,
–        How can I leverage my team’s strengths to get the best results possible?
–        What’s missing that could increase our productivity and morale?
–        What does my team need from me to be more successful?

These are indicators that the leader is OTHERS-FOCUSED. Maybe the standards are high, but they’re high because they BELIEVE IN the potential of their people.

But, when we as leaders ask ourselves questions like,
–        What if my team lets me down and it makes me look bad?
–        How can my team’s work help me advance my career?
–        Our productivity and morale are wrong. What are my employees doing wrong?

High expectations are a great thing. When conveyed the right way, it can encourage morale and productivity.

But when bosses push their team members so hard they’re exhausted, or when their team members don’t feel that their bosses really have their best interest at heart…it leads to decreased engagement and performance, and relational breakdowns.

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