A Great Coach-Leader Engages ALL Generations in the Workplace…

by | Jul 26, 2022


-Understands the difference between coaching vs. training/mentoring

-Casts a clear vision and creates an environment that inspires ownership and accountability

-Communicates clearly, sets boundaries and follows through

-Achieves outstanding results WITHOUT breaking relationships

-Adopts a ‘growth’ vs ‘fixed’ mindset when it comes to their people

-Brings positive energy to the team

-Looks for ways to align organizational goals with team members’ personal goals

-Hires and leads people who are more knowledgeable & experienced

-Provides a safe place for others to speak freely

-Collaboratively removes obstacles that hinder growth

-Celebrates success and acknowledges areas of strength

A great coach uses their leadership role as a catalyst to make a positive difference in the lives of team members WHILE ALSO serving the collective organization.

At Executive Impact, we equip leaders to be great coach-leaders so they can confidently inspire and motivate their teams, creatively solve business problems, effectively lead change and achieve breakthrough business results.

Let me know if transforming YOUR leaders is on your radar…we would love to help your organization!

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