6 Characteristics of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader…

by | Mar 15, 2022

This isn’t a news flash: soft skills are no longer optional. We know this. We recognize it especially when unhealthy team culture hinders productivity or when an emotionally unhealthy leader causes systemic issues in an organization.

But surprisingly, even though we recognize the NEED for emotionally intelligent leaders, we don’t always know what it takes to BECOME one.

Are you wondering if you’re an emotionally healthy/intelligent leader? Here are six important characteristics you can use to gauge where you are in your journey:



Emotionally healthy #leaders have invested time to understand WHO they are – their values, their triggers, their natural wiring, and how their actions affect the people around them.



Awareness doesn’t mean much if you don’t USE that #awareness to take action. In those times of being triggered or solving business problems, or dealing with a crisis, self-management skills offer the ability to stay calm and focused and work toward helpful solutions.



Emotionally healthy leaders have learned how to LISTEN well. They pay attention to energy level, body language, tone of voice, speed of speech, types of language being used, as well as to what isn’t being said – and they don’t interrupt or finish people’s sentences (whether literally or in their heads). It’s equally important to ARTICULATE AND CONVEY things in a way that others can receive well.



This is the ability to appreciate someone’s perspective, circumstances, and challenges, whether those things are difficult for us or not. It’s about validating the experiences of others even when you may not fully understand.



This is practicing what we call ‘JUDGMENT-FREE AWARENESS’—seeing the facts of a situation without jumping to a conclusion or making an assumption about them…staying open and asking questions.



Emotionally intelligent leaders see the future as HOPEFUL, BRIGHT. They look for and envision positive outcomes. But it doesn’t stop there. They also SHARE what they see. They’re willing to #inspire others with their #vision — even in the face of seemingly impossible odds and difficult circumstances.


What does all this mean?

Put all these leadership characteristics together, and not only do you have an emotionally healthy and intelligent leader, but you have the possibility of a psychologically safe #culture – where people can bring the best version of themselves and their highest contribution to the table, love what they do, and be committed to the team.

This isn’t a “fluffy” idea. Study after study has shown these kinds of working environments produce the BEST and most sustainable business #results.

If you’re interested in leveling up your #leadership in this way, I’d love to talk with you contact me, and we’ll get a conversation started!