3 things that BREAK trust and teamwork, and how to PREVENT them…

by | Aug 2, 2022

In coaching leaders and leadership teams, the top 3 behaviors that we’ve seen derail trust and teamwork most quickly is…

–       GOSSIP



First, gossip. My definition of gossip is a little different than most people’s. It has three determining factors, and the third one always catches people off guard. You can identify gossip by the following questions…

***Does what is being said build up the other person’s character?

***Would you say it if the person were standing beside you?

***Would you say it in the same TONE if s/he were standing beside you?

Gossip is one of the quickest ways to break trust and poison team culture. For a team to thrive, gossip must be eliminated.

Second, public disrespect or embarrassment. When this happens, it creates an unsafe environment for sharing ideas. When people don’t feel safe, they aren’t able to bring their full selves to work. Their focus is on self-preservation not openness, creativity or innovation.

Third, breaking agreements. When people don’t keep their word, whether their commitments are implicit or explicit, it gives those around them—their managers, peers, and team—the impression that they can’t be trusted or depended upon. Consistency, reliability, and a willingness to “practice what we preach,” are all important when it comes to building trust and teamwork.

The reality is, as long as we live in skin, we will always have areas for growth.

None of us is perfect, but the best leaders are intentional about protecting trust and fostering teamwork on a consistent and daily basis.

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