3 Signs You’re Breaking Trust as a Leader

by | Oct 20, 2021

3 signs you’re breaking trust as a leader without realizing it…

Even if your company is successful & you have a healthy work culture, there are little things that can chip away at trust that you might not even be aware of.

As a leader, consider:

#1 How you show up in conversation…

-Are you truly listening?

-Are you multi-tasking while talking & not really present?

-Are you listening only with the intent to reply?

-Are you finishing people’s sentences?

-Are you quick or harsh in your judgment of people/circumstances?

#2 Your intentions & behavior…

-Do you call people out in meetings?

-Do you laugh at other people’s expense?

-Do you comment on or criticize people when they’re not around?

-Are you constantly skeptical of others & their motives?

#3 Your commitments & accountability…

-Do you make commitments or agreements & then not keep them?

-Are you late to meetings or late to get back to someone?

-Do you make excuses when you do these things that have a negative impact on others?

***Do you do any or all of these? AND/OR do you allow others on your team to do them without addressing them?

Culture is formed by what leaders do, don’t do…allow or don’t allow.

When we work with leadership teams, we explore each aspect of trust, including a ‘Trust Inventory’ to inspect the most common areas that break or build trust.

We also identify NATURAL tendencies in regards to trust & whether others perceive you as a trustworthy leader.

Like one company we worked with…

They were a healthy leadership team. They worked well together & weren’t experiencing significant problems.

But they knew there was a ‘next level’ of success & wanted to get there.

They brought us in to develop their entire leadership team to elevate their individual and collective effectiveness as leaders.

In a recent group session, we covered the topic of TRUST.

Here’s what the leaders discovered:

– One leader who really cared about people was breaking trust with his peers by not keeping his commitments and not holding his team accountable

-Another who had a high degree of integrity in other areas was shocked when he realized that being late was the same as stealing (time) from others

-Another leader who said they never trust anyone realized there was an opportunity to extend trust in ways she had not considered before

All of the leaders committed to building trust & adapting behaviors that have the potential to break trust.

It’s up to you as a leader to identify where this is happening & clean it up to build stronger relationships in the organization.

Whether you’re experiencing breakdowns in trust or are doing fairly well but want to get to that next level…let’s chat!