3 Coaching Tips to Improve Your Leadership Skills…

by | Feb 7, 2024

Every team needs a coach. This is true in sports. Why shouldn’t it be true in business?

The key to effective leadership today is a coach approach.

Here are three coaching skills that can improve your leadership.

#1 Observe.

We miss so much about people and situations simply because we’re not paying attention. The first practice of coaching is to observe. Environment, behavior, body language, shifts in energy, facial expressions, tone of voice, rate of speech, etc. can all be indicators.

#2 Listen.

The greatest gift we can give someone as a leader is our full attention. Actively listen, without assumption, and with acknowledgement of what is heard. In doing so, we build trust and we learn important details about our team members–their successes, struggles, and what motivates them.

#3 Ask.

Curious, judgment-free questions are tools that can inspire imagination, spark new ideas, and equip someone to access the wisdom they already have to solve problems. Sometimes, what people need most is not an answer—but rather a better question. Coaches have the ability to ask questions that open up possibilities.

If you find these helpful:

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