Why Senior Leaders are the game changers for company culture…

by | Nov 17, 2022

Here’s a powerful truth: Leaders have the MOST influence in creating strong employee engagement—over a 70% variance according to the statistics. And it all starts at the top.

The coaching mindset and skillset are essential for senior leaders!

If senior level leaders aren’t leading with the coaching skillset and mindset, mid-level managers and front-line leader won’t either – no matter how much training they are given.

That means that the kind of leader YOU ARE as a senior leader will have a DIRECT impact in how FULFILLED and SUCCESSFUL an employee is in their role…and how effectively the leaders you are responsible for lead their team.

“It is widely accepted that well-functioning teams have a direct positive impact on the bottom line. The greater the engagement level within the team, the greater the business results and thus, increased profitability to the business. We want in on that…and we recognize that investing in our people is the way for us to get there.”

This was feedback we received from one of our clients, a Senior HR Leader in the manufacturing/distribution industry, when asked what motivated them to reach out to us for our year-long development program.

Many people think that the “people problems” in their organization are a secondary issue. The first issue, many say, is the profitability of the company.

But what I’ve seen happen over and over again is that the profitability of the company will actually LEVEL UP to the extent that the “people problems” are addressed.

In other words…when the leaders in an organization who show up like traditional BOSSES become great COACHES, employee engagement and creativity will skyrocket and, as a result, productivity and profitability increases as well.

We’ve seen it happen. And we would love to help YOU make it happen in your business. If you’d like to learn more about how we do this, contact me!